Publication – Hanzehof brochure 2015

June 12, 2015 Publications
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Lenette van Dongen

My photos were used for 5 years in a row in the Hanzehof Brochure. More Hanzehof Brochures with.


April 20, 2015 Just a post
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For a fastfood restaurant were they deliver Eastern recipes, I photographed the different dishes for the website. The.

Breakfast service

April 27, 2015 Publications
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My mother in law starts a breakfast service. For her I photographed the freshly baked bread on a.

Publication – Website

September 28, 2014 Publications
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Website Informaat

I made some photographs for the website of Informaat, a design consultancy. The photos consists of people who.

Video – Editing: Paintings

September 13, 2014 Video
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I made this video for my mother. She is a painter since a long time. In this video.

Topic – Animal photography

March 13, 2013 Just a post
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Happy monkey

Be prepared. Animal photographers have to be prepared and be ready for the unknown. They need to study.

Video – Publications

July 11, 2014 Publications, Video
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Video publications

See some of my publications passing by in this video.

Publication – National Geographic

July 5, 2014 Publications
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Angora rabbit

I was interviewed by the editor of the editorial division of the National Geographic Magazine about my photograph.

Publication – Hanzehof brochure 2014

June 12, 2014 Publications
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Photos in the theater brochure. I made the photo of the director of the Hanzehof for the front.

Contest – National Geographic

October 12, 2013 Contests, Publications
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Nominated I was nominated in the category Nature for National Geographic Photo Content in the Netherlands. I am.

Publication – Hanzehof brochure 2013

July 6, 2013 Publications
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This year the theme of the Hanzehof brochure is ‘ behind the scenes ‘. Many pictures I’ve made.

Video – Fauna

March 11, 2013 Publications, Video
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Video Fauna

See some of my animal photos passing by in this video.

Publication – Photo in Photoshop magazine

March 9, 2013 Publications
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Publication Every month there are 3 works of art selected from both national and international readers that create.

Publication – Newspaper ‘De Gelderlander’

October 10, 2012 Publications
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Newspaper rabbit

Newspaper The National club organised 1 September the color dwarfs about annual young animal day were young animals.

Video – Las vegas

July 12, 2011 Video
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Grand canyon

See some of my photos made during the trip to Las Vegas.

Video – Photos in 60 seconds

July 12, 2011 Video
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See some of my photos in 60 seconds.

Publication – Hanzehof brochure 2012

July 10, 2012 Publications
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Brochure Every year the theatre ‘Hanzehof’ in Zutphen with the offers/supply of theatre performances.   More Hanzehof Brochures.

Publication – In Photoshop magazine

March 11, 2012 Publications
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Photoshop magazine

In the magazine Every month there are 5 works of art selected from both national and international readers.

Publication – Theater website Hanzehof

December 7, 2011 Publications
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On the web On the website of the ‘Hanzehof‘ (Theatre and Congress Centre in Zutphen) my photos are.

Publication – Flyer theater

December 5, 2011 Publications
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Sinterklaas flyers

In the theatre ‘de Hanzehof’ the children may celebrate Sint Nicolaas party (Dutch event around 5th December) with.

Publication – Newspaper ‘De Gelderlander’

December 10, 2010 Publications
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Girl from Archeon In the newspaper of ‘ de Gelderlander’ my photo of a furtune teller photographed during.

Publication – Metro photo challenge

November 21, 2010 Publications
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Metro newspaper. In the Metro newspaper of Monday 21th November 2011 on the fifth page my creation for.

Publication – National Geograpic Daily dozen

September 1, 2010 Publications
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Living violin

 Daily Dozen of National Geographic (NG) is a weekly selection of photos by everyone (amateurs and professionals). Everyone.

Publication – Ipad National Geographic Magazine

April 7, 2010 Publications
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National Geographic Magazine has in addition to the paper edition also a Digital Edition on the Ipad. My.

Exhibition – Art event – Kiek’n en Koek’n

June 22, 2009 Publications
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Kiek'n en Koek'n

Zutphen dwanted to bring people in Zutphen on both sides of the river ‘IJssel’ closer together. All stories,.